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Location & Travel Arrangements


South Andros is accessed from Nassau via commercial airline (currently two trips daily from Nassau to South Andros Airport), from the U.S. via two flights commercially from Fort Lauderdale International and other islands by charter aeroplane (usually from Fort Lauderdale, Florida), and from anywhere by private boat. A public ferry runs daily between South Andros and its northern neighbouring grove Cay which is also considered a part of South Andros.

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The Queen’s Highway, a two lane paved and illuminated road without traffic lights, runs approximately 40 miles (64 km) from the northernmost edge of South Andros which is the port of Drigg’s Hill, to the dockside settlement of Mars Bay. At Mars Bay the road ends in a cul de sac but the island extends approximately 20 further miles south without roads or services, inaccessible except by boat. In its course from Drigg’s Hill to Mars Bay, the highway crosses two bridges, one at Deep Creek and one further south at Little Creek, both refurbished in 2012.